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Garhi Harsaru is a Village in Gurgaon Tehsil in Gurgaon District of Haryana State, India • It belongs to Gurgaon Division • It is positioned 11 KM from Gurgaon.Garhi Harsaru is a famous locality located in Gurgaon and the pin code of this locality is 122505. As of now, Many houses are to be had on the market in Garhi Harsaru. It additionally has Some houses to be had for lease. The Average rate on this locality is Rs. 1570.zero in line with sq-ft. is to be had on the market withinside the rate Minimum variety of Rs. 14 Lac to 20 Lac in Garhi Harsaru Property. Whereas the rate variety for lease of two BHK is Rs. 6,500 to 10,000. Some of the close by localities to Garhi Harsaru are Sector 88A,Sector 89A. Garhi Harsaru has an enough parking area with a score of 4.5 .The street high-satisfactory is superb as proven with the aid of using the common user’s score of 4.5.
GURUGRAM: Giving a first-rate enhance to rail connectivity withinside the region, the nation authorities has determined to redevelop Garhi Harsaru because the city’s.

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