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      Benn Marshall

The company “AG Infratech ” is a well diversified business conglomerate with its presence in various sectors like Real Estate, Infrastructure, Transport and Hotels under the leadership of their Chairman and experienced Board member. AG INFRATECH Has been into the real estate sector for many years and has already carved a niche for itself in the burgeoning field of the real estate in India. The center of focus at the AG INFRATECH is the customer base. We consider each customer a part of our family and hence deliver what the customer desires in their dream residential/commercial plot or farmland and not what the market follows. Each of our creation has a special made-to-order finish that is unparalleled in the industry. Our service is spreading in various parts of India especially Jaipur and it’s Suburban Area such as Gurgaon, Khatu Shyam Ji, Kotputli, Neemrana, Behror, Paota, Viratnagar. Our Other Projects are in Ghaziabad, Dasna, Mussori (U.P) etc.. Our project provide good investment opportunities as they not only offer a good value for money package but are also, in the long run, the best yielding property investment and Future Returns.